Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Steps For Choosing Cemetery Headstones

After a death in the family, there are numerous decisions to be made. You or another family member will need to plan the memorial service, write the obituary written, arrange and the details of the burial. Once the weather is appropriate, a cemetery headstone will need to be installed at the gravesite, too. 

There are numerous steps to choosing a cemetery headstone, including the following: 

Select a Type of Gravestone

There are numerous types of stone to choose from as you decide on a cemetery headstone. These memorial markers can be made from limestone, marble, granite, or other attractive stones. Some consist of upright markers that stand above ground level, others are inset level with the earth. Markers can also be statues, memorial benches, or other custom options to represent your loved one or their interests. 

Decide Which Names to Include

As you plan out the headstone, it's important to decide which names you'll want to include. If you'll only be burying a single individual, you may only need one name. On the other hand, if they are survived by a spouse or partner who will eventually be buried next to them, it may be important to leave space on the memorial marker for an additional name. 

Choose any Symbolic Carvings

Often, headstones or grave markers will have symbolic carvings included on them. These can include religious symbols, favorite characters, quotes, or additional information that was specific to the loved one that passed. Some families have even had family food recipes engraved on the back of their loved one's headstone. There are numerous ways to show your love and affection for your late friend or family member with the information that you opt to engrave on their headstone. 

Decide on an Epitaph 

Another important decision to make is what you'll include on the cemetery headstone as an epitaph. These messages are usually short and intended to be a short description of the individual and the affection felt for them by their family and community. These messages can be original writing, verses from religious texts, or simple messages about the individual's life. They are usually engraved on the headstone under the name and dates of birth and death. 

After a loss, the number of decisions to be made can seem overwhelming. It's important to focus on one step at a time so that each choice can be managed successfully. Contact a local service that prepares cemetery headstones to learn more about the options that are available to you.