Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Are You Planning A Joyous Funeral Service For Your Spouse?

Has your spouse passed away recently? If so, you have probably already faced the fact that his or her funeral service would probably not be attended by many people due to the pandemic. For that reason, maybe you have chosen to have only your immediate family in attendance.

Did your spouse specifically ask for his or her funeral to be a joyous one rather than a mournful one? Or, maybe you know in your heart that that is what your beloved spouse would have wanted. Read on for some ideas that might help you to plan a funeral service that would honor your sweetheart with joy rather than with sorrow.

Even What Each Of You Wears Will Set The Mood 

When you give your children and grandchildren the funeral information, think of adding a special request. Ask each family member to wear bright colors instead of black. In fact, if your spouse had a favorite color, you could even ask everybody to wear at least one item of clothing in that color. 

Choose Joyful And Inspirational Music 

Of course, traditional hymns like "How Great Thou Art" and "Amazing Grace" will be suitable for part of the music. However, think of adding other uplifting songs. There's no need to have an accompanist, but bring copies of the words from the songs you select. One idea is to choose songs from Broadway and from the movies that will lift everybody's spirit.

Focus On Happiness In Talks 

Because only a few of you will be in attendance at your spouse's funeral, you could ask each person to share happy times when in company with your sweetheart. One of your children might share memories from childhood, while somebody else might tell about fun experiences from their teen years. The point is to just focus on fun and happy times together.

Consider being the last speaker. Share your own happy memories and then give an inspiring message of hope and faith. Closing with words of gratitude for your spouse and for each person in attendance who touched his or her life would be a perfect way to end a joyous funeral.