Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Help Your Family and the Planet Even in Death with Cremation

Having to think about one's own death is not an easy subject for anyone to consider. Having to think even further about whether you want to be buried in the ground or turned into ash via cremation is another delicate subject. But if you've always taken charge of things in life, there's no reason why you shouldn't maintain that same attitude about your eventual death. To that end, here's why you might want to consider cremation as opposed to a traditional burial.

Cremation Remains Don't Have to Go in the Ground

If you don't like the idea of being put in the ground after death, cremation offers a viable alternative. Your ashes will be put into a container of your choosing and then your family can put the container almost anywhere. Yes, some people choose to have their urn put in the ground anyway after cremation but think of the other options. You could sit in an urn up on a mantle in your own house. Your family could take your urn somewhere special and scatter a bit of your ashes there if desired. Cremation simply offers additional ways for you to get creative even in death and may give your family better opportunities to work through their grief.

Cremation Is Easy on Your Family's Budget

Perhaps you have the funds to take care of your own burial financially while you're still alive. But there could still be additional expenses that come from a funeral service that someone in your family might end up footing the bill for. One of the leading reasons why cremation is a popular after-death choice for many families is that it's much less expensive than a traditional burial and funeral. If you don't need any fuss over yourself after you're gone, stick to a simple cremation and a close-knit memorial with family and friends.

Stay Out of the Earth and Preserve the Land

Some parts of the country need unique burial options because of the lack of available land for additional cemeteries. If you have always been conscious of your impact on the environment while alive, you can honor your values even in death. Cremation will keep you or your family from having to buy up a burial plot, and if more people start going this route, the Earth will be better off for it.

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