Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Choosing The Right Cremation Urn

While most people have a pretty clear understanding of what to expect from traditional burials and memorial services, that doesn't always hold true when it comes to cremation. If you are planning the final dispensation for someone who has opted for cremation, you may be wondering what your options are. Here are a few things that you should know about dealing with cremated remains, from urns to final resting places.

Deciding On The Final Resting Place

Before you can adequately select an urn, you need to know where that urn will be going. After all, you'll have different needs for the type of urn depending on where the cremains will be kept.

You have several options for a final resting place. Cremation allows for one person in your family to keep the cremains in a memorial urn, with all of the cremains stored in the same urn. It also allows for different burial or interment options, such as columbariums or something similar. Finally, cremation provides the possibility for cremains to be divided up into smaller urns, called keepsakes, for family and other loved ones to all keep a small portion of the cremains.

Burial in a cemetery is ideal when you already own family plots or you want somewhere permanent for your loved ones to visit. Above-ground options, such as columbariums, are great choices when you want somewhere permanent to preserve the cremains but don't have a burial plot. 

If you have a large family, or if there are many close loved ones who want to maintain their memories, you may want to consider investing in keepsakes instead of a full-size urn. This allows you to have the cremains divided up among each of those loved ones.

Selecting The Right Urns

Once you know where you'll be storing the cremains, you can then make the best possible choice for the urn that you'll need.

Any kind of in-ground or above-ground interment of the entire cremains can be done with a full-size urn of your choosing. If you are planning these services on a budget, you can opt for a simplistic urn that will be affordable and effective.

For those looking to keep all of the cremains in one place at home, a decorative urn is a great choice. Whether you want a ceramic urn or a metal one, consider what features fit your needs best. When you are looking to put the urn somewhere on display, look for an urn that has colors and patterns that fit with the decor.

For keepsakes, you'll have all sorts of options. You can even have each of the loved ones choose a keepsake urn that suits their preference or style. Talk with each party to find out if you should be ordering multiples of the same keepsake piece or if each person wants an individual one.