Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Funeral Services During A Pandemic

Putting a loved one to rest, making all those decisions after they're gone, is one of the hardest things to do. Right now things are even harder for a lot of people. Some areas have really restricted how many people are present for a gathering, and sometimes only the closest family members are allowed to attend funerals — though this varies greatly by area. Funeral homes in areas where there have been a lot of COVID-19 deaths are working under a much larger load than usual as well. 

This is having a definite impact on grief and how funerals are handled. There are many families right now who are struggling with how to cope with loss when one of the ways people deal with death is not accessible. Funerals are an important part of the grief process for a lot of people, and it's missing. And it's understandable, a lot of people are getting sick and dying, but it's hard to deal with the loss while also not being able to grieve in the manner you expect.

If you're dealing with this, there are some ways you can help the rest of your family out. If you take pictures of the coffin or even the remains, you can share them with your loved ones who can't be present. It may sound weird or morbid, but seeing the coffin or the remains can really help people grasp the death better. You can also plan a memorial service for later, when everyone else can attend. It'll delay things, of course, but knowing that eventually there will be one can be reassuring.

If you have a bit of video editing talent, or someone in your family is, you can have everyone sit down and record themselves talking about their fondest memory of the deceased, and cut them together into a longer video where everyone gets their say, and distribute it to everyone. It won't be the same as being able to tell the stories in person, but having a copy means you won't lose the stories either. If you're not sure about being able to do this, the funeral home may actually be able to direct you towards video or photo editors that they work with. 

It's really important, especially if you live in the hot spots where there's been a lot of deaths, to be patient and understanding with the funeral homes right now. A lot of them are overworked and understaffed on top of everything else, because they also can get sick. 

For more information, reach out to local funeral services.