Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

A Guide To Pre-Planning Your Memorial Service

If you have recently decided that you should pre-plan your funeral, you may be unsure of what you can and should do to properly pre-plan those services. There are numerous steps you should take when you are trying to plan your memorial services in advance. Get to know some of those steps. Then, you can get the memorial pre-planning process started right away.

Decide Between Burial and Cremation

One of the first decisions you will need to make when you are pre-planning your memorial service is whether you would prefer a burial or cremation. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Burial is the more traditional option in the United States and is often the choice for people who are especially religious. The main benefit of burial is that people will have a place to come visit you and pay their respects when you are gone. 

When it comes to cremation, the biggest benefit is the cost. It is far less expensive to be cremated than to be buried. The cremation process is relatively inexpensive, and an urn or other container for the remains is much less expensive than a casket. Cremation also will allow a loved one like a spouse or child to keep your remains with them at home if this is something comforting to them. You can also have your remains scattered at a favorite location if that is what you prefer. 

Choosing between burial and cremation can be a tough decision, but it is an important one for your memorial service. 

Find a Funeral Home

The next step, once you have decided between cremation and burial, is to find a funeral home to help you pre-plan the memorial service itself. Choosing the right funeral home will help you to ensure that all of your wishes are followed for the funeral service. 

Be sure to choose a funeral home that is well-established in the community. Funeral homes that have been around for a while and have a good reputation are more likely to work well with you on your pre-planning needs. 

Pay Attention to the Details

When you are pre-planning a memorial service, you want to be sure that you pay attention to the details. Think about what kinds of flowers you want, the music you would like played, the pallbearers you would like (if you choose burial), and even who you would like to give your eulogy or speak at the funeral. 

If you are religious, you may want to specify the priest or pastor you would like to preside over your services as well. The more details you outline in the plan you develop with the funeral home, the better. This will make things easier and more straightforward for your loved ones when the time comes to have the memorial service. 

Knowing these steps to take when pre-planning your funeral, you can start the process right away and be sure that your memorial service is exactly how you would like it. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers memorial planning services.