Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Two Reasons To Have A Graveside Funeral For An Unexpected Loss

It's hard to lose someone that you care about. Death often seems so final, and just knowing that you can no longer look forward to future moments together is enough to make anyone feel down. The situation is even harder to grapple with if the passing happened without warning. If a car accident took the life of the person you loved or they came down with an illness that developed so quickly that there was no time to say goodbye, you may be struggling with closure. You are now left in a position where you have to plan a funeral with very short notice. Instead of going the traditional route by holding the services in a building, choosing a graveside funeral might be the ideal option.

Protect The Privacy Of The Deceased

The circumstances surrounding a person's death are oftentimes as unique as the individual themselves. No one ever really knows what kind of position a person is in, whether that be physically or financially. What if the deceased had been struggling in silence with a disease that they didn't want others to know about? The illness may have ravaged their body, causing them to look completely different from the way they did when they were healthy. It could have been that person's dying wish to have a closed-casket funeral. It's much easier to make this happen if you hold the proceedings at the burial site.

Also, there may have been some financial challenges that prevented the person who passed away from saving for their last rites. If you have a graveside funeral you may be able to keep costs low because you won't have to cover the costs of an event venue. 

Graveside Funerals Invoke The Beauty Of Nature

Holding the memorial service at the burial site is great because Nature often provides the perfect backdrop. If the event falls on a day that is cheerful and bright it can help to lighten the mood of the attendees, reminding them that even though life can throw painful circumstances at you it is still worth living. If rain happens to be the order of the occasion it provides a stark reminder of the tears that will be shed to mourn the existence of a person that so many people adored.

A graveside funeral can truly be a very befitting and meaningful thing. Talk to the director of the funeral home you've selected about your options for holding a graveside funeral for your beloved.