Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Simple Tips To Have A Tasteful Funeral On A Budget

Planning a funeral can stressful, especially if your loved one was on a tight budget and there is not enough money to plan the service you wanted to honor your loved one's passing. Fortunately, you do not need a huge bank account to create an elegant funeral that will allow you to say goodbye in a tasteful, thoughtful way. Here are a few simple tips to help you plan a tasteful, inexpensive funeral.

Consider Cremation or a Direct Burial

Much of the costs associated with funerals are the preparation of the deceased and the casket. Instead of choosing these traditional options, consider direct burial or cremation. Direct burial refers to a process during which the remains are not embalmed and there is no viewing. Instead, the casket is immediately interned after the deceased passes.

Cremation is also typically less expensive than a traditional burial. The deceased individual is embalmed and instead of a casket, the deceased are put into the cremation chamber and then into an urn. Urns are available at a variety of price points and are typically more cost effective than a casket.

Create the Flower Arrangements Yourself

Another traditionally major cost associated with funeral are the funeral arrangements. Depending on the size and types of flowers used, the flower arrangements can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars. Instead, ask your florist to provide you with flowers that are in season or choose inexpensive flowers that were the favorites of the deceased.

A local craft store will have the rest of the items you will need to build your own elegant floral arrangements. There are several online tutorials and books that can help you easily create your own beautiful arrangements as well.

Provide Your Own Food and Beverages

Finally, like floral arrangements, having the gathering after a funeral professionally catered can cost a lot of money. Instead, create a simple buffet or small meal with desserts and beverages with the help of friends and family. Ask loved ones for the deceased's favorite recipes and ask your relatives or family members to bring a dish to the event.

Not only will save money on professional catering, but having a meal that features the deceased favorite dishes will make the gathering feel more intimate and personal.

From asking friends and family to pitch in and provide the food and beverages to creating floral arrangements yourself and considering direct burial or cremation, there are several ways you can create a beautiful, tasteful funeral on a budget.

For more tips on planning a tasteful funeral on a budget, talk to a funeral home in your area.