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Font Tips For Headstone Engraving

When creating a headstone, choosing a font is an important step of the process. The font selection will help the text stand out and create a memorable headstone to honor loved ones. While headstone engraving services will help you along the way, having some knowledge about fonts will help you create a memorable headstone design for a grave.

Follow these tips to learn more about fonts and how to create a completely unique headstone design. 

Use Serif Fonts

When you choose fonts for engraving, you want to ensure the font can go on smooth and works well when carved into stone. One font group to consider are serif fonts. Serif fonts include clean and smooth edges, giving you the most accurate engraving on headstones.

The serif fonts come in multiple styles, giving you the option to really personize the headstone design and choose a font to fit the person.

Mix Up Font Selection

As you plan out the headstone design, consider mixing up multiple fonts to help text stand out. For example, you could use a bold and thick font for the name of the person and a thin and smaller font design for the birth dates and death dates.

If you choose to put a quote on the headstone, you can add the quote in a separate font so the text is easy to read. Play around with different fonts to create a design that looks aesthetically pleasing when placed on the headstone. Once you know the headstone size you are going to use, you will know how much space you have to work with.

Some fonts will not fit well on a smaller space because of thee larger sizes of each letter.  The size will help you determine how much text you can fit, especially for longer quotes and names.

Font Adjustments

When you type text into word processing or graphic imaging software, you are not just limited to how the font appears. You can make font adjustments to help fit the font and make it look more appealing. For example, you can adjust the tracking of a font.

The tracking spreads the letters out horizontally. So you can spread letters out to go across the top of a gravestone and ensure each letter is evenly spaced out. You could also condense the letters closer together to fit them in a tight area.

The leading spreads out letters vertically. You can make letters longer and increase the space between the letters to fit more evenly across the headstone.

When you work with funeral services, the designers will help you plan and coordinate to create a headstone that fits your vision.