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Headstone Quote Ideas Ideal For Wrestling Fans

If you only use the typical text found on a headstone, you have a lot of extra room and space to work with. If your loved one is a wrestling fan, then you have a lot of options for quotes and engravings on the headstone.

Follow this guide to find out different options for custom engraved grave markers and ways to take unique quotes from the world of pro-wrestling.

Wrestler Quotes

The world of pro-wrestling is known for larger-than-life performers who do a lot of interviews and promos on a microphone. Over the years, there have been famous speeches from wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena. You can take a direct quote from one of the wrestlers and put it directly on the headstone.

For example, you could take Mick Foley's famous quote "Have a nice nay" and put it directly on the headstone. John Cena has had many memorable quotes over the years including "Never give up" and "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect." The positive quote can represent the person and go beyond just their use in the world of pro-wrestling.

Theme Quotes

Along with memorable interviews, wrestlers have had iconic theme songs over the years. Songs like "I'm A Real American" offer great quote options. You can have lyrics engraved on headstones with quote marks and a slanted font to showcase that the words come directly from a song.

Listen to wrestling soundtracks to hear the lyrics and pick out some of the best options. Some custom engraved grave markers can fit large blocks of text if you want to feature more than one line of a song.

Wrestler Nicknames

Several wrestlers have had nicknames over the years that could also apply to your loved one. You can easily incorporate the nicknames into a gravestone marker. For example, you could take the name Jim Johnson and add nicknames like "Stone Cold" Jim Johnson, Jim "The Snake" Johnson, or "Hacksaw" Jim Johnson.

Adding the nickname is a fun way to memorialize your loved one, especially if the nickname involved their favorite wrestler or they referred to themselves as the nickname through the years. If you want to keep the name separate from the official name, then it can stand alone. Using the same example, you could have Jim Johnson engraved with "Stone Cold" below it.

Along with ordering the grave marker, you could decorate the grave with wrestling action figures to represent their favorite characters from wrestling promotions.