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4 Lesser Known Facts About Cremation Services

For many, the cremation process is unknown and maybe even slightly alarming. However, you should know that there's nothing to fear. Cremation is an excellent way to honor your loved one's remains after their passing. Here are four facts about cremation that you might not already know:

1. Many people are cremated in the clothes they were wearing when they passed away.

Cremation takes place in furnaces that reach extremely high temperatures. The heat of a cremation furnace is intense enough to reduce clothing to ash. To preserve the dignity of your loved one, they will be cremated in their clothes. Often, these are the clothes they were wearing when they passed away. However, if you choose to have a viewing ceremony, your loved one may be cremated in the clothes they were dressed in for the funeral.

2. The funeral home returns your loved one's ashes in a simple, complimentary container.

Some families choose to purchase a decorative urn to hold the ashes of their loved ones. A decorative urn is a wise investment if you plan to retain your loved one's ashes as a keepsake. However, people who are on a budget may choose to skip this expense. Funeral homes can provide simple, complimentary containers to hold the ashes of the deceased. Your loved one's cremains will be returned to you in a simple, standard vessel unless you provide one of your own. Many funeral homes sell decorative urn for your convenience.

3. Cremation is compatible with viewing ceremonies and burial.

People commonly scatter their loved one's ashes after cremation. While this is a popular choice, it is far from the only option available to you. If you wish to have an open-casket funeral, you can still choose cremation. When a viewing ceremony is requested, the cremation process is performed after the funeral ends. If you desire a traditional burial, your loved one's ashes can be buried in a casket or urn after cremation.

4. Cremation is an affordable option.

Money troubles are the last thing anyone wants when they're already grieving a loved one. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared for the cost of funeral services. Cremation is an affordable option. When you choose cremation, you'll have the option of forgoing a casket and cemetery plot, if you desire. You can also choose to forgo the embalming process and its attendant costs by opting for direct cremation. These decisions can all lower the cost of your funeral services.

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