Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Set Up A Funeral That Can Be Attended Remotely

With the pandemic often affecting how many people can be present at social functions, the imminent death of a loved one could cause you concern about how you will set up their funeral. Funeral broadcasting is a service that involves livestreaming a service and providing family members and friends with the opportunity to view the service from the safety of their homes.

How A Service Works

A funeral broadcasting company will furnish cameras, lighting, and a secure website for viewers to access. Prior to the start of a funeral, equipment that is necessary to capture live footage will be set up within the room where a service is being held. Some providers may contact the list of people who are invited to view the service and will provide a passcode that is necessary for each person to view the service.

There are other providers, however, who may leave it up to a client to reach out to those who will be mourning the loss. When consulting with a broadcaster, request information about the equipment they use and their installation requirements.

What To Prepare For

It is never easy letting people know that an individual is sick and likely to die, but relaying this information ahead of time will prevent shock and allow you and the recipients to go over the funeral plans that you have in mind. Let each person know your intentions and make sure that each viewer of the service has access to a device that will allow them to view the funeral.

Your funeral director and anyone who will be present at the ceremony should also be informed of your intentions. The person who will be installing the equipment necessary to stream the service will need to have access to where the funeral will take place. The funeral director may have some suggestions on ways that you can personalize the space where the event is being held, plus will set up a seating arrangement that will allow physical attendees to see the person who is being honored, without being in the way of the camera equipment.

Because you will have the option of allowing a select number of people to attend the service in person, compile your list of guests and speak with each person, to determine who would be more comfortable with attending the event in person and who will be better accommodated by viewing the broadcast from their home.

Contact a local funeral broadcasting service to learn more about your options.