Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Advantages Of Cremation

After the loss of a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast number of decisions that you have to make, including how remains will be laid to rest. Traditionally, many people have chosen casket-based burials. However, nowadays, cremations are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are a few advantages that cremation offers.

Time for Decisions

Immediately after someone dies, their loved ones can feel rushed to make decisions concerning funeral plans and burials. The funeral home staff typically likes to expedite the process because the appearance of the body can change over time.

However, with cremation, the body can be converted to ashes, leaving the loved ones with ample time to determine whether or not a burial or memorial service should occur. This can be particularly helpful if there are multiple friends and family members who live out of town and need time to make travel arrangements. Following a cremation, the memorial service can occur months after the death of the loved one. There is no time limit.


Cremation is generally much more affordable than a traditional burial. With a traditional burial, a casket must be purchased. Additionally, there are charges associated with the cemetery plot, the cemetery vault, a headstone, and a hearse.

With a cremation, there is typically only the cost of the conversion of the remains to ash and the urn.

Other expenses, such as the cost of a funeral service and flowers, are optional and common to both a cremation and a casket-based burial.

Eco-Friendly Options

The chemicals involved in the embalming process can be damaging to the environment. Even though the remains are enclosed in a casket, some of the chemicals involved in the burial process may eventually seep into the earth, promoting ecological damage. Additionally, natural habitats must be converted to cemetery space to house the remains. Also, since many caskets are made from wood, the harvesting of trees is required for their manufacture.

The ashes from a cremation do not harm the environment and require few materials for their containment.

Lack of Space Requirements

Cemeteries have a set amount of space. Once a cemetery is full, additional land must be used for the burial of new remains. Even if you decide to have an urn buried, the amount of space required to accommodate the container is minimal compared to the space required for a casket.

In many instances, family members prefer to keep the urn at home. Sometimes, the ashes of deceased loved ones are scattered in favorite locations. The release of the ashes can provide comfort to those honoring the deceased.

To learn more about cremation, schedule a consultation with a funeral home director in your local area.