Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Why Choose Direct Cremation?

When a person dies, their remains must be laid to rest. Some people prefer to be embalmed and interred in a tomb or cemetery plot. However, many people prefer the idea of being cremated instead. Cremation is the process of using heat to reduce a body to ashes, which are called cremains. Direct cremation is the most expedient cremation process available, and people pick this option for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to choose direct cremation for your loved one's funerary needs:

1. Choose the most affordable option.

To begin with, cremation is an affordable funeral option, but direct cremation is even more affordable. Funeral costs can add up quickly, which can be stressful for people with tight budgets. Direct cremation gives people an option that won't strain their finances. Since direct cremation happens immediately following a person's death, there is no need for long-term storage of intact remains, and embalming services are likewise unnecessary. Clients can also avoid purchasing a casket if they do not plan to hold a viewing ceremony. As such, direct cremation can save families thousands of dollars once all the avoided expenses are added up.

2. Avoid the hassle of funeral planning.

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Some people are surprised at the intensity and variety of emotions they experience after someone they care about passes away. In the wake of these emotions, the idea of planning a funeral can seem especially overwhelming. Direct cremation allows you to avoid most of the hassle of funeral planning. When you choose this option, the remains of your loved one will be transferred directly to the funeral home from the morgue. 

3. Host a memorial service at a later date if you desire.

Direct cremation is a way for families to take care of all the necessary funeral arrangements as quickly as possible. It can be an especially popular option among people who are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and prefer not to gather with others, even for funerals. However, direct cremation does not mean that you can never host a memorial service. Cremains are sterile and safe to keep in your home, which means you can hold on to your loved one's ashes for as long as you like. Clients who choose direct cremation can host a memorial service at a later date that is more convenient if they desire.

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