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5 Thoughtful Program Ideas For Funeral Memorial Services

Funeral memorial services have different definitions for many individuals. Therefore, put more effort into creating a memorial program that will honor the departed exceptionally.

Here are five thoughtful program ideas that you can incorporate into the memorial service of your departed loved one.

1. Include Pictures in the Program 

A common practice by those left behind is incorporating pictures and videos of the departed in the program. You create a personalized tribute to your loved one in the memorial program when you Include special pictures.

Consider creating a photo collage that includes pictures of your loved one at different stages of life, doing what they loved most, and those that reflect their personality. Collect their photos from different sources to get a true mirror of their life.

2. Include Funeral Poems or Quotes

A funeral poem or quote will suffice if you are straining to find the perfect words to include in the funeral memorial program. Funerals poems and quotes can be mournful and inspirational at the same time.

Therefore, a well-curated poem or quote in the funeral program of your loved one is bound to honor their life and give mourners a sense of togetherness.

You can depend on poems and quotes to deal with the long-term emotions that come with losing a loved one.

3. Include Interesting Facts About Your Loved One

Another thoughtful funeral memorial program idea is including interesting facts about your loved one. Such facts pay homage to your loved one while acknowledging the importance of leading an extraordinary life. Remember that these facts should be things that not many people in attendance know of.

You can also include humorous facts about the deceased to lighten the somber mood — even for a minute. 

4. Include Pictures of Your Loved One's Artwork

Artwork includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, carvings, and photographs to express ideas and feelings.

If your loved one indulged in any artwork, it would be thoughtful to include images of their artwork in the program. You can also go further and display samples of their artwork during the funeral service.

5. Include a List of Ways to Honor Your Loved One

One way to keep the memory of your loved one alive is to do things that ensure the person is never truly gone. One way to achieve this is by adding a list of things that the deceased loved ones can do in their remembrance. 

Some of these things include you can include in the funeral memorial service include:


Planning funeral memorial services can be hectic and stressful because they require you to honor the deceased exceptionally. One way to achieve this is by including one or combining the above program ideas in the funeral program.