Goodbye in a Pleasant Environment

Ivan Foster

Set Up A Funeral That Can Be Attended Remotely

With the pandemic often affecting how many people can be present at social functions, the imminent death of a loved one could cause you concern about how you will set up their funeral. Funeral broadcasting is a service that involves livestreaming a service and providing family members and friends with the opportunity to view the service from the safety of their homes.

4 Steps To Planning A Funeral Service

Funerals are a time-honored way to mourn the passing of a loved one. Funerals allow surviving friends and loved ones to celebrate the deceased person's life while commemorating their death. However, planning one can be confusing if you've never done it before. This guide can help you plan a funeral service for your loved one: 1. Decide if you want your loved one to be

4 Lesser Known Facts About Cremation Services

For many, the cremation process is unknown and maybe even slightly alarming. However, you should know that there's nothing to fear. Cremation is an excellent way to honor your loved one's remains after their passing. Here are four facts about cremation that you might not already know: 1. Many people are cremated in the clothes they were wearing when they passed away.

Headstone Quote Ideas Ideal For Wrestling Fans

If you only use the typical text found on a headstone, you have a lot of extra room and space to work with. If your loved one is a wrestling fan, then you have a lot of options for quotes and engravings on the headstone. Follow this guide to find out different options for custom engraved grave markers and ways to take unique quotes from the world of pro-wrestling. Wre

Font Tips For Headstone Engraving

When creating a headstone, choosing a font is an important step of the process. The font selection will help the text stand out and create a memorable headstone to honor loved ones. While headstone engraving services will help you along the way, having some knowledge about fonts will help you create a memorable headstone design for a grave. Follow these tips to learn